Sakthan Thampuran, the great Maharaja of Cochin, paved the way for Urban Development and Commercial Progress of Trichur. As he understood keenly that the presence of Christians was quite essential for the development of the town where there were only a few Hindu families inhabiting, he took measures, around the year of 1794, for bringing and rehabilitating 52 Syrian Christian families from the neighboring centers of Aranattukara, Ollur and Kottekkad. He rendered all necessary help to these Christians. The option of the number 52 was as if to perpetuate the great Apostle's arrival in Kerala. Since there was no Christian Church in the town, they had to go their parent churches to fulfill their spiritual needs. The Maharaja who perceived their difficulties, promptly permitted them to build a church. In 1814, His Ex. Dominicos, Archbishop and Governor of Cranganore (Kodungallur) Arch diocese, gave his approval and blessing to build the first Catholic church in the name of Our Lady of Dolours. From 1814 to 1838, this church was under the jurisdiction of the Cranganore (Kodungallur) Archdiocese. On 24th April, 1838, H.H. Pope Gregory XVI issued a proclamation, "Multa Praeclara", whereby the Cranganore (Kodungallur) diocese ceased to exist. Consequently the Church of Our Lady of Dolours came under the authority of the Bishop of Verapoly which continued till 1861. Unfortunately, with the advent of the Persian Catholic Bishops Rocos and Melus, who came here without the necessary permission from the pope, there started differences among the Catholics of Trichur and its suburbs. The differences resulted in the so-called Rocos-and-Melus Schisms. Bishops Rocos and Melus had to go back owing to strong protest from the people in 1862 and 1882 respectively. In the year 1886 Pope Leo XIII suppressed the Archdiocese of Cranganore (Kodungallur) and in 1887 separated the Kerala Syrian Catholics from Verapoly and brought them under the Syro lMalabar Vicariates of Trichur and Kottayam. He appointed His Ex. Adolph Medleykot as the first Bishop of Trichur. In the fickle vagaries of history that followed, the Catholics lost possession of the Church of Our Lady of Dolours which they constructed in 1814. To compensate that loss, the Catholics of Trichur decided to build another church. Petitions seeking permission for this were sent to the Maharaja of Cochin, the Governor of Madras, the Viceroy and the British Emperor. Eventually on 8th October, 1925 , as per the order of H.H. Ramavarma Maharaja of Cochin, the Cochin Sarkar issued royal sanction to build a new church within the premises of the fort city of Trichur.

New Church

At sharp 10 a.m. on 10th October, 1925, His Ex. Bishop Vazhappilly Mar Francis blessed and offered Holy Mass on the altar built temporarily in the School hall which stood in front of the present church. He named the Church as the church of Lady of Dolours and Proclaimed St. Theresa of Infant Jesus (Little flower) as the Co-patroness. As the small temporary church was not spacious enough for the convenience of the believers, they tried to build a church conforming fully to their needs and grandeur of the town. His Ex Bishop Mar. Francis Vazhapilly visited Rome and European countries keenly observing the architecture of the churches there. The present church, known as the largest in Asia was built on the plan he drew on his return from abroad. On 21st December, 1929, His Ex. Bishop Mar Francis Vazhappilly laid the foundation of the colossal church. It took eleven years under the supervision of the famous Engineer Jnanaprakasam and the superintendent Ambros to almost complete the construction of the new church. On 18th September 1935 Sri. Ramavarma Thampuran, the Maharaja of Cochin, saw in person, the Progress in the building of the Church, and donated all the teak wood needed for building it. On 24th November, 1940 His Ex. Bishop Mar Francis Vazhappilly consecrated the Church. It was then under the jurisdiction of the Lourdes Cathedral Church. Considering the need of the time, Mar joseph Kundukulam constituted this famous shrine also as a parish on 17th September, 1978. It was made the headquarters of a forane division on August 1980. The historic visit of Pope John Paul II to Trichur on 7th February 1986 was within the environs of this parish. In commemoration of the centenary of the diocese of Trichur, His Eminence Simon D. Cardinal Lourdu Swami, head of the Congregation of the Oriental churches in Rome, inaugurated the Perpetual Adoration Center in this Church. On 25th April 1992, His Holiness, Pope John Paul II issued a decree, elevating the church of Our Lady of Dolours to the status of a "Minor Basilica". 20th May 1992, was a monumental day in the history of this Church. His Eminence Cardinal Antony Padiyara consecrated the Church as a Basilica. There after the Church has come to be called" Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours".

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